10+ Ways for Creative Mums to Make Money at Home

Do you want to stay at home with your kids but you’re not sure how to afford it? Maybe you’ve been at home for a while but you need a creative outlet and a way to bring in a little extra for the bills. There are lots of ways for mums make money at home. Try one of these ideas!

Creative Ways for Mums to Make Money at Home
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When I first became a stay at home mum it was because my husband got his first FIFO job. Together we decided that seeing as he was away for so long for work (he was away 4 weeks out of 5), it would be better for our son if I was home full time. Hubby’s new job paid enough that for the first time I could stay home and not have to worry about earning an income.

Fast forward a few years and we had another baby, bought our first home and a second vehicle, and my husband had had enough of working away and decided to come home. Our income dropped. Drastically. And while we can still afford for me to stay home, things are a lot tighter now.

We knew we didn’t want me to have to go back to work. We had settled in to a much happier family dynamic with me at home and homeschooling the kids. But I needed a creative outlet, needed to feel like I was doing something meaningful with my time. And let’s face it, a little extra money to fund our book habit wouldn’t hurt 😉

So I started searching online for ways mums could make money at home. And because I’m the kind of mum who wants a creative education for her kids, you just know I’m the kind of mum who needs a creative job for herself!

Blogging is perfect for me. I love writing and it gives me a chance to help other mamas. And it pays for that book buying habit of mine.

But blogging isn’t for everyone, and it’s not the only (or always the easiest) way to make money online. So how do you do it?  How do you give your self the creative outlet you need while bringing in a little (or a lot!) of extra coin for your family?

Here are 10 ways creative mums make money at home. Which one are you going to try?

Mums Make Money at Home Blogging

This one is probably obvious. It’s what I do!  Starting a blog is easy.(And I have all of the instructions for you: here.) Making money from blogging is a bit harder.

But there are lots of different ways you can make money blogging (and I’ll go over plenty of them for you in my next work-at-home post!) and it is a great way to get creative and find community. All you need to get started is a self-hosted website and away you go.

Blogging won’t make you rich overnight but if you are willing to ride it out, you can get there. This blog pays for itself and buys all of the books we use for homeschool. And it’s growing every month! When last month’s income hits my bank account I will be off to Ikea to buy myself a pretty new desk to write at and investing in a little professional development.

Work at Home Mum
Have you thought about starting a mum blog?

Mums Make Money at Home with Youtube

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you may remember that time I decided to become a YouTube star. Well, not really. But I did start a channel that is a whole lot of fun for me, even if it doesn’t make me any money (which is totally my own fault for not putting in the work). It’s still there, slowly collecting views and I plan to get back to it one day…

There are mums totally killing it on YouTube. They make money through ad revenue and being paid to show themselves using products (this is called a sponsored post).  You could vlog your daily life like this fabulous mama, give DIY or craft demonstrations, teach yoga or share your homeschool journey. Find something you are passionate about that other people would be interested in watching and go for it!

Mums Make Money at Home with Instagram

Instagram is another favourite with creative mums. This time, instead of making videos to share, you take pictures and share them with the online community.

But how does that make you money? You need to become an Instagram Influencer.

Most people who are making money on Instagram are making money with sponsored posts. So you won’t be making money straight away. You need to build a strong image and an engaged community before companies will take you seriously.

Depending on your niche you don’t need to have a huge following to become a micro-infuencer on Instragram. I don’t make money directly from Instagram but I do receive free products in return for sharing photos with the Insta homeschool community.

You can also use Instagram to get your followers to buy your products or click on your affiliate links. For example, I bought a beautiful set of homeschool scheduling cards from this Instagrammer. If you are a maker you will want to have an Insta account as part of your marketing strategy.

Mums Make Money at Home with Podcasts

Now if you like the idea of blogging but writing is just not your thing, podcasting may be right up your ally. Podcasters make their money in the same way bloggers do, through sponsored content, advertising revenue and affiliate income.

You will still need to set yourself up a website (I recommend you go self-hosted with Siteground rather than using a free site) and then following the directions in this post. Why do you still need a website? You need a place to support your podcast. This is where you will put all those links you want your listeners to go to; your affiliate links, links to the company that is sponsoring that episode, etc.

Mums Make Money at Home with Etsy

If you’re a maker, Etsy is for you! Sadly, this is not me. Give me a pen and paper and I am happy. Scissors and thread, not so much. But if you love making things, things that people would want to buy, Etsy is definitely the place you want to be.

Now because this isn’t my area, I’m not even going to pretend I can tell you how to do this well. So I’ll just direct you over to Etsy’s page for new sellers instead.

Mums Make Money at Home Taking Photos

10+ Ways for Creative Mums to Make Money at Home

If you love taking photographs and you have a decent camera, making money as a photographer may be the creative job you are looking for. There are a couple of ways  you can do this. You could set up a little studio in your home for people to come and have their pictures taken (hello glamorous baby photographer!) or you could sell your work online.

The easiest way to get into the online photo business is to sell stock photos to websites where bloggers like me will pay to use them. Or you can host your own website where you sell stock photography packages (you might like to promote this on Instagram!). You can get the 411 on becoming a stock photographer here. Once you’re doing well, you can even start creating your own online courses to teach other mumpreneurs how to make money taking photos too.

Mums Make Money at Home as Course Creators

I hinted at this a minute ago, but course creation is the hottest way to make money online at the moment. If you have a skill that you know other mamas are dying to learn, why not put that knowledge and experience into creating a course!

You can host online courses on sites like Teachable or Coach and charge a fee to access your content. Many bloggers use this as another way to make money from their blogs (if your subscribers love your blog they will probably love your courses too). But it’s not just for bloggers. My sister is a bit of a guru and loves helping other mamas. I know she is bound for a fancy website soon but she started out with a facebook group and paypal to get her stuff out there.

Mums Make Money at Home as Social Media Manager

This one is for all my Facebook fans and the mums that could spend all day on Pinterest. Did you know bloggers and companies will actually pay you to sort out their social media strategy and keep their feed full! The Work at Home Wife has some great info on how to get started in this growing industry.

Mums Make Money at Home Being Virtual Assistants

A lot of my blogger buddies have a healthy side hustle as virtual assistants. Online businesses hire VAs do to all kinds of things; create graphics, send out emails, tidy up the back end of the blog…

If you have experience working online, try selling your services to other bloggers who are too busy or too inexperienced to do the job themselves. There are dedicated Facebook groups for connecting VAs and bloggers or you can look on websites for freelancers.

Mums Make Money at Home Freelancing

This is another one of my occasional income streams. When I need a little extra I pick up some freelance writing work, usually for online parenting publications. A close mama friend of mine makes a full time income from freelance writing which lets her stay home with her kids and pay the mortgage solo. What a wonder woman!

But it’s not just writers who work as freelancers. Web designers, graphic designers and photographers are just some of the other creatives who are in demand online. It can be hard to get started but try sending off an email to some of the people you worked with before having kids, advertising your services in Facebook groups and on your own website or checking out sites like Upwork and Fivrr.

Mums Make Money at Home as Speakers

Earning money as a speaker has got to be one of my favourite ways to bring in a little extra for my family. It’s not a huge earner for me yet but I have big goals, mama!

10+ Ways for Creative Mums to Make Money at Home

If you are an expert in your field you can make money speaking at conferences or for online summits like the Start Homeschooling Summit I presented at in February. Depending on the event you may be paid upfront as a speaker or earn a commission on sales to the event.

There are lots of opportunities for creative mums to make money at home. It takes dedication, passion and hard work but it’s rewarding in more ways than one.

If you are a mum making money online, share your experience in the comments below and inspire another mama to chase her dreams too!

Ready to start your own blog? Find out how in this post!

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    Thanks so much again for sharing.

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I’m so glad you found this helpful. I think a lot of us mamas are looking for ways to be able to afford to stay home but still contribute financially to the running of our homes so hopefully this will help others make that a reality.
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