How to care for your baby like the Finns: Tuutu Baby Box review

You know Scandi is hot right now. From Hygge to Lagom and the Finnish school system. And it’s not all hype. There is a lot we can learn from our friends in the far north. Like how to care for our new babies in a totally minimalist and environmentally friendly way. Ah, yes please! Learn how to care for your baby like the Finns with the Tuutu Baby Box.

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Just after I had my first child (almost 8 years ago! OMG where did the time go?!) I came across ‘baby boxes’ on Facebook. Have you heard of these? In Finland, the government distributes baby boxes to new mamas. These boxes are basically a ‘baby starter kit’, full of sheets, nappies and clothes to get you started. Even better, the box comes with a mattress inside and doubles as your baby’s first bed! I remember thinking what a fabulous idea this was and wishing we had it here.

Fast forward 5 years and we were finally expecting our second baby. Baby boxes were sadly still not a thing in Australia, so instead I spent lots of time (and $$$) tracking down a pretty Moses basket and mattress. I wanted eco-friendly bamboo sheets and clothes for my little one. I agonised over which cloth nappies I should try on her. A baby box would have been so much easier.

The Tuutu Baby Box

And guess what?! Now we have them here. A pair of Finnish-born, Australian mums have got together and created their very own version of the baby box: Tuutu Baby Box. And they sent me a box to try! EEEEEEKKKKK. The excitement when it arrived. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

I have received the box Tuutu Baby Box for free in exchange for sharing an honest review with my readers. I have not been paid for this review and am under no obligation to give a positive review. This review is my opinion and includes feedback from mothers who I had look at the box and try out some of its contents.

What's Inside The Tuutu Baby Box?

When the box arrived I was busy gossiping on my couch with an old friend who just so happened to have come round to spill the news that she is pregnant with bubba number three!

Talk about a happy coincidence.

We rushed the box to the kitchen table to open it up and have a look. Seriously, we were giggling like a couple of teenage school girls, we were that excited.

Inside we found:

Tuutu Baby Box- the lid is a change table!
I am in LOVE with this teething ring. The lid of the box doubles as a change table. Just right for my 7 month old niece. That nappy fits everyone! (Keep an eye out for it again below)
  • Mattress with cover sheet (use the mattress in the box for baby’s bed, or lay it in the lid to use as a change table)
  • Bubba Blue bamboo cot sheet
  • Bubba Blue bamboo swaddles x3
  • Bubba Blue Bib & Burp pad
  • Purebaby mittens
  • Purebaby booties
  • Purebaby sleeveless body (newborn) x2
  • Purebaby long sleeve body (0-3 months) x2
  • Baby Beehinds Magical Multi Fit cloth nappy (which doubles as swim nappy and fit a 2 month old, a 7 month old AND my 2 year old. Yes, we tried it on them all ;))
  • Baby Beehinds Wash cloth
  • Gaia Baby Body Wash 50ml
  • Gaia Baby Shampoo 50ml
  • Grovia Itty Bitty Magic stick (which apparently you can use on bums or lips. I would suggest picking ONE of those and remembering which you chose…or things could get a bit icky lol)
  • Natural wooden Teething Ring (is it weird that this is the item I was most looking forward to?)
  • Baby Beehinds reusable bra pads

Plus a stack of information brochures, special offers and a few samples.

This is the $269 Tuutu Baby Box. They also make a Tuutu Baby Essentials Box for $169 and a Tuutu Bare Necessities Box for $129. So you can find something to match your budget and your needs. (Prices updated as of April 7th, 2018)

Why I loved the Tuutu Baby Box

Tuutu Baby Box
This little munchkin is 2 months old. The box is a perfect fit for her. So is the nappy and the onesie (both included in the Tuutu Baby Box)

#1 It’s so pretty.

Seriously. Just look at it. It’s gorgeous! I wouldn’t mind having this out in my living room where visitors will see it.

#2 It’s economical.

I added up the retail value of everything in here and it quickly came to over $200.

And that’s before I added in the cost of the mattress and the box itself.

I’m not really sure how to value the box? I guess I would go with how much I would have to spend on an alternative like a Moses basket or bassinette. The cheapest Moses basket and mattress I could find was $99 in Target. So you would definitely come out ahead buying the Tuutu Box.

#3 It’s an environmentally friendly option.

You guys know me. A big motivator for the choices I make around my home, and especially in raising my children, is caring for the world I will leave them with. It influences the way I clean my home, the choice of foods we eat, and also the products we buy.

I love the idea that I can use and reuse this box, give it new life as a pretty storage box once baby is grown, then recycle it when I’m done (18 months after receiving the box it is still in perfect condition!)

It’s made from really sturdy cardboard  (so sturdy my 2 year old daughter can sit on the closed box and it doesn’t even sag) so is completely recyclable at the end of its useful life. The products included are chosen to be a more environmentally friendly option as well. It’s all white bamboo and soft organic cottons. Delicious!

But more on that in a minute…

#4 It gives you the chance to try out different brands.

The girls at Tuutu Box have cleverly included very popular brands for you to try.

Bubba Blue is a brand that I have purchased for my children in the past. Baby Beehinds is a brand I have heard great things about and I’ve wanted to try out their nappies for a while now. I have heard of Grovia brand but had no idea their Magic Stick was a thing. My daughter now loves it (it’s her “wipstik”).

#5 Longevity

Now you can only put your bubba in the box to sleep (how weird does that sound to Australian ears haha) until they can roll over. Same guidelines as using a Moses basket or bassinette.

But that doesn’t meant the box becomes useless.

You can use the lid as a change table and it works really well. I tried it out on my niece and she was very comfy lying there. Once you’re out of the baby stage you can use it as a pretty storage box, perhaps for your baby mementos 🙂

What I Didn't Like About The Tuutu Box

Remember I said this was an honest review? Well, you can be sure it is because I’m about to tell you the things I didn’t like.

#1  The plastic.

Now to be fair, the girls chose those air-filled plastic bags which are a lot less plastic than other packaging options, and they are made from a recyclable plastic. And I get that there needed to be padding in there to make sure everything arrived in perfect condition (which it did). It was just a little off putting that it was the first thing I saw when I opened the box.

The Pure Baby clothing came in plastic wrap as well, but we can tell the manufacturers off for that one, because it obviously wasn’t put there by the Tuutu Box girls. The rest of the packaging was compostable and/or recyclable. Big tick 🙂

I did mention this to the girls after receiving the box and they have promised to look into packaging options in the future.

#2 Not everyone is going to find this box in their price range.

Now this is true for everything on the market, but I’m including it because it came up in conversation with my review-helper mamas.

Is the Tuutu Box worth what you pay for it?

Yes. Absolutely.

But a couple of mums pointed out to me that that doesn’t mean everyone will feel ok about spending so much money on a cardboard box for their sister’s/best friend’s/workmate’s baby. Or even on their own if the budget is tight.

A large part of this is probably just that the idea of a box for a baby is new here in Australia. The brands included are on the dearer end of the market which is reflected in the price of the box.

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far you may still like to consider buying the Bare Necessities Box. It’s an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to a bassinette.

Your friends can fill it with goodies themselves 😉

#3 Polyester

This one is being super picky. There is polyester in the Bubba Blue burp cloth set. And of course on the shell of the nappy (that’s why it’s waterproof). But that’s it. Everything else is bamboo or organic cotton.

Told you I was being super picky with this one.

#4 The Samples

I hesitated to include this one.

The box comes with loads of information leaflets and a few samples. The samples are for single use products, namely water wipes and a *ahem* big name brand of disposable nappy with a matching sample pack of their wipes. Each of the mamas I asked to help me with the review let me know they were a bit put off by the inclusion of the samples.

I actually emailed Laura from Tuutu Box and asked her why they had decided to put these in.

Laura let me know that they had been given some samples for free and decided to include them in the box as they were donating boxes to charity and thought they may be considered helpful. At the time of writing this review they were unsure if they would keep including these samples as they realise single use products are not in keeping with the eco-conscious ethos of the box.

The Verdict on the Tuutu Baby Box

So, I guess the big question is-would I buy it?

And the short answer is, yes!

Whether or not I bought the big box would definitely depend on what I needed for my baby. If it’s your first, go for it. I’ve already got two kids so would probably make use of hand me downs and go the $139 box which is the box, mattress and Bubba Blue linens.

And that gorgeous wooden teething ring I was so excited about.

But really, that’s all just personal preference. The products are products I would use (many I have used previously) and the box is sturdy and non-toxic. Enough said really.

There you have it. The Tuutu Baby Box. Bringing a little bit of Finland to Oz 🙂

Got more questions? Check out the FAQ page on the Tuutu Box website.

Prices and other details are correct at time of this blog post’s publication







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