The Way We School- What Does Homeschool Really Look Like?

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What does our homeschool look like?I’ve talked quite a bit about our education philosophy and how it shapes our days but have you wondered how that looks in real life? When I started homeschooling that is exactly the info I wanted to read. A few years in and I am still nosey like that 😉

This week’s NOT Back to School BlogHop theme is ‘How we School’ which has given me the perfect excuse for a ‘Day in the Life’ post. No two days are ever the same. Here’s what today looked like…




A Day in the Life of a Homeschool Family

4am The Mister got up and left for work. I took his side of the bed.

6am My 8yo got up and got himself breakfast, took care of his chores (including feeding and watering cat, dog and chickens) then alternated his time between riding his bike and reading a novel.

8:30am The 2yo and I woke up. Wow! What a sleep-in. We are normally up around 6:30-7 but last night was hot and Miss Wynnie decided we couldn’t possibly sleep from about 12-4am. Yes, we were both awake when the Mister left. Thank goodness we didn’t have to get up for the school run 😉

9am Breakfast done so time for a quick trip to the shops. I needed petrol, printer ink and caffeine. ALL the caffeine. I did remember to put on a load of washing before we left.

9:45am Home for Circle Time. Last week the kids made their own rhythm sticks so we used those to bang out our times tables review. We also learnt a new handgame: Concentration 64 (watch how we play). We are using the game to internalise the idea of words belonging to categories as part of our revision of second grade grammar. There was some rather painful recorder practice in there too 😀

10:30am A quick break for morning tea. We may or may not have purchased ridiculously unhealthy pink doughnuts from the supermarket as a special treat. Then it’s onto Main Lesson. We are currently in a Language Arts block, using fables to focus on revising the basic parts of speech. I told the story while the kids played at the table; the 2yo with playdough and cutters, my 8yo with Theraputty and marbles to strengthen the small muscles in his hands and fingers. After I had told the story (twice upon request) we drew a scene from ‘The Fox Who Lost His Tail’ then made a list of the adjectives from the story. We talked about why these adjectives were important and how they let us see the fox’s personality. Wynter swung between joining in and making a mess somewhere in the house. It is not unusual for me to need to stop to fish something out of the toilet, or lift her out of the bathroom sink. Today was no exception. In the moments the kids were occupied I got a few chores done.

11:30am Normally we would take a play break after Main Lesson but we were running behind thanks to my sleep-in . We decided to power through. Music was up next so it didn’t take any convincing on my part to get the kids to agree. We revised last week’s work, watched a Youtube video on the difference between rhythm and beat, did a few different exercises and Nikolai made some notes in his music book. Wynter likes to join in for music lessons. At least then I know where she is 😉

12pm Time for a lunch break.

12:45pm Nikolai decided he was ready for his revision lesson. Today I had drawn magic squares on the blackboard. This is a much loved activity in our home. While Nikolai worked on the board and Wynter occupied herself gluing paper into her scrapbook, I got busy printing off some bits n pieces for the Mister. I needed to take a break from being a good wife to wash glue off the toddler and the blackboard. Apparently I can not wife and mum at the same time…

1pm Naptime. I put Wynnie to bed and Nikolai took off downstairs. He has currently negotiated 1hr of screentime each afternoon. The rest of the afternoon he spent playing or reading. I spent the time getting some housework done, wasting time on social media and writing. I may have also snuck in an episode of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix while no one was in the room *ssshhhh*

4pm The Mister came home earlier than expected. Wynter woke grumpier than expected. Normally this would be solved with a swim, but I topped up the pool chemicals today so  I needed to find another way to distract her from her grump. Crushing egg shells for shellgrit did the trick 😉

5pm Dinner prep while the kids played. I asked Wynter to check for eggs in the various hiding places while Nikolai took out scraps for the chickens and compost bin.

5:30pm Dinner time. Nikolai has a tradition of asking each of us what our favourite part of the day was. Wynter’s was blowing out the candle for circle time and Daddy’s was dinner. Nikolai’s was having the house to himself before we all woke up. Mine? Giggling over Nik’s funny voice that apparently gave him powers over his sister. Kids are hysterical!

6pm I finally remembered to hang the washing I put in at 9am this morning.

6:30pm Kids had showers while I cleaned up the kitchen and chat to the Mister. Then we spent the evening reading books and chatting while the kids built with their wooden blocks and magnatiles . There was a break when the Mister and Nikolai took to the blackboard to look at multiplying large numbers.

7:30pm Kids went off to bed and I got out my laptop to finish up this post. I must remember to load up the breadmaker before bed if we want to eat in the morning!

(Still curious? You can see photos of our days on Instagram)

Our Weekly Schedule

That was a fairly average Monday for us. The way our weekly schedule runs we will have similar days on Wednesday and Thursday but music lesson switches to art on Wednesday (we are currently loving ArtVenture for our lessons) and handwork on Thursday. Of course, we drop everything for a good playdate or excursion 😉

Tuesday’s Nikolai goes off to Family Daycare for the day with half a dozen of his homeschool mates. It’s a great chance for him to participate in group learning activities and experience someone other than me teaching him. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I enjoy the break too.

Wednesday afternoons we have a regular date at the beach with friends.

Fridays are Nature Study days where we head bush with a group of homeschool families. This month we are exploring a mountain creek each week. I’ll let you know more about how this co-op works another time.

Because we are usually up quite early, we have time to get most of our chores and errands done before starting morning circle at 9-9:30 each day. Of course, not all days and weeks run smoothly and that’s ok too.  We aren’t held to anyone else’s timetable so we can juggle when we need to. Last year we even used Saturday as a school day and gave ourselves a day off midweek. You do what works, right?

Well, that’s how we do it. Don’t forget to check out the other posts linked up below so you can see how other families homeschool.

Happy Homeschooling x
















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6 thoughts on “The Way We School- What Does Homeschool Really Look Like?

  1. Kirstee
    Love reading ‘day in the life’ posts. Chuckled at needing a way to distract her from the grump and your solution.
    and family day care with homeschool mates sounds most intriguing.

    1. She’s a funny wee thing 🙂
      We are so lucky to have the FDC program available to us. The same group of kids make up the bulk of our nature studies group on a Friday too which gives the kids a chance to really solidify those friendships.

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