Rainbow writing prompts

Earlier this week I showed these funky rainbow writing prompts over on Facebook. As promised, here’s how to make and use them πŸ™‚


For these you will need some paddle pop sticks. Coloured is ALWAYS more fun. I got these ones for a few dollars from RIOT but I’ve seen them in discount stores as well. You could even collect used paddle pops sticks and dye or paint them yourself for another fun activity. You’ll also need writing implements: paper, pencils, clipboard (all work is better received on a clipboard in my house. Go figure?!).
Oh, and a Sharpie pen for Mum πŸ˜‰


Then you simply write some prompts on the sticks. I’ve colour co-ordinated mine to broad topics. All about me (yellow), magical what-ifs (red), cool places to live (blue)…


…the completely fantastical (green)…


The orange are for persuasional writingΒ  (‘up is better than down because’ and other crazy arguments) and the purple sticks are recall work from our other subjects (People in the Stone Age…). The key is for them to be interesting, open-ended and without a specific right or wrong answer; we are looking to make writing FUN! Feel free to use the ideas you can see on our sticks, or come up with your own based on your child’s current interests.

Pop them all into a jar. A box or bag would work just as well, so use whatever you have. Have your mini-Wordsmith select one at random and write/draw/narrate a story to you.


My usually reluctant writer LOVED these! He filled a page from the first prompt, then engaged in a lively game of storytelling with his Dad and Uncle using a few more. We will keep these on the bench beside paper and pencils to encourage further writing πŸ™‚

What would you write on your sticks to get your little one scribbling away?

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