Is Nature Studies the Magic Missing from Your Homeschool?

Nature Studies is one of those quintessential homeschool subjects we all WANT to be doing. But do you really know what it is or where to begin?

Homeschool Nature Studies
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My favourite homeschool subject, hands down, is nature studies. Which is probably not a surprise to you if you follow my Instagram page.

If you don’t- and you should!- it’s full of pictures of my kids out exploring creeks and mountains, or perusing their stash of nature treasures at home. I get that not everyone finds it so easy to get started though.

But I really think you should! Nature studies is one of those subjects where the homeschool magic resides.

Which is why for the entire month of February I will be dedicating this little piece of the internet to all things nature studies.

That’s right.

An entire month devoted to learning the what, why and how of nature studies.

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Homeschool Nature Studies

What will we learn this month?

Later this week I will be posting 101 Reasons to Love Nature Studies with your kids. Yes, reasons. Which is way more reasons than I can think of not to include nature studies in your homeschool.

Why so many?

Having a solid why for including nature studies in your homeschool is going to give you the motivation you need to make this a regular feature of your home learning.

So often we give up on things because we don’t have a reason to keep going that has real meaning to us- beyond thinking we should do something. With 101 reasons you are bound to find at least one that strikes a cord with you.

Next week we will take a more in depth look at nature studies.

We’ll look at what nature studies is and how it fits in to your homeschool, no matter which homeschool method you have embraced. This will be the perfect complement to the Getting Started with Nature Studies workshop included in this year’s Start Homeschooling Summit.

Getting Started with Nature StudiesIf you haven’t yet, head over and sign up for your FREE ACCESS to the live summit.

The Start Homeschooling Summit runs  Feb 19-24 with 34 workshops from presenters around the globe and covers a huge array of homeschooling topics. If you can’t catch it live or just want to be able to keep coming back to your favourite workshops (plus get a stack of bonus resources) you can purchase the LIFETIME ACCESS currently at 40% off the regular price! (The sale has ended but you can still purchase the Lifetime Access for only $98US which is an absolute steal! All of the bonuses it includes add up to more than that!)

In week three we will take a look at all the fun things we can do with the little treasures our kids bring home from their nature walks before we begin nature journalling in week four.

That’s a whole lot of nature studies love right there!

Honestly, I love this subject so much I could talk about it FOR HOURS! So if you have a question about nature studies, let me know in the comments below 🙂



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