10 Ways Minimalism Can Help You Become A Better Mum

Does the word minimalism make you think of white sofas, bare walls and a capsule wardrobe so pristine you wouldn’t be game to let your kids within 10 feet of you? Minimalism does have a bit of a reputation of being less for the average family and more for stylish singles in swanky apartments. But minimalism is for families too. In fact, I believe minimalism is the key to helping you become the mother you truly want to be!

Minimalism Benefits For Moms

Now before you click away fast, let me just destroy a couple of myths here.

Minimalism does not mean getting rid of everything you own.

And minimalism does not mean white everything.

Unless you want it to. And if you can keep that white couch clean with kids, more power to you! I’m flat out keeping stains off my light coloured knits. There is no way a white seat of any kind is making its way into my own.

Which is perfectly okay because minimalism is less about an aesthetic and more about a mindset.

Making a commitment to simplifying your home and lifestyle, and only allowing in those things that truly add value to your life, is all it takes to genuinely call yourself a minimalist.

Which means you’re probably a lot closer to being a minimalist mum than you realised!

Now that that’s cleared up, there are some very good reasons to  shift to a minimalist mindset and create the peaceful home you desire.

For me, minimalism is all about living a life that is more meaningful, less wasteful and that helps me be the kind of parent I want to be.

Minimalism Benefits For Mums: Less Cleaning

The rest of this list isn’t in any particular order but I’m starting with this one because I know how overwhelming keeping up with the day to day cleaning and tidying can be, especially with small children underfoot.

Mama, I know.

I have morning and evening routines in place to take care of those tasks that need doing daily, but proper cleaning? That I only do a couple of times a week.

I can get away with that because I don’t have a lot of stuff to clean. There isn’t a whole lot of decor that needs dusting, or clothes that need ironing.

Full disclosure, I do still have some clutter. The kids have more toys than I would like and we have plenty of art supplies and educational resources because we homeschool. It’s a work in progress.

But I do get to spend less time cleaning and more time being with my children. We have the time to enjoy life together, to have adventures or to just hang out and enjoy each other’s company because I’m not always busy cleaning.

Don’t you just love the idea of less cleaning!

Having less stuff = having more time

Minimalism Benefits For Mums: Fewer Distractions

Stop for a moment and think about that day in the future when your children are grown and out in the world on their own.

What do you want them to feel about their childhood.

I want my kids to feel like they were important.

I want them to feel like I valued the time I spent with them and made it a priority in my life.

I think all mamas feel this way but it can be difficult to live that out when we are being pulled in a dozen different directions all at once. Minimalism comes pretty close to eliminating this issue.

Less stuff and less to do equals fewer distractions. And this means more opportunities for connection with our kids. You can take back the time that was lost and choose to spend it on the things you feel are worthwhile.

Like listening to your kids tell stories or watching them play.

What do you like to do when you spend quality time together? Embracing a minimalist mindset will help you do more of that!

Fewer distractions = more connections

Minimalism Benefits For Mums: Teaching Values

Another unexpected benefit of minimalism is that it can help you raise your children with the values you believe are important.

For example, I want my kids to grow up to spend their money and their time wisely. I want them to value connections over consumerism. And I want them to take the environment into consideration when they make their purchasing decisions.

Raising children in a minimalist home is teaching them these values by showing them what they really look like. It allows us to model the behaviour we are hoping to see in our children.

Minimalism helps us lead by example when it comes to instilling values in our children

Minimalism Benefits For Mums: A Happier Mum

Do you feel stressed when there is a lot of clutter?

It’s really common to become stressed when our home is taken over by clutter or when our days are jam packed with things to do. Decluttering, both in the sense of tidying up and purging the excess, and in cutting back our commitments and shortening the to-do list, can both help alleviate those feelings of overwhelm that can make us feel like we are drowning.

Remember, minimalism is more than just getting rid of things. It’s also a mindset that can help us create a calm and uncluttered mind and life!

Getting rid of clutter can help improve our mood but it can also make us feel more confident and in control of our lives. It can reduce anxiety, remove the distractions that make us feel like we are in a mind fog, and even reduce family tension!

Less things equals less clutter equals better mental health

Minimalism Benefits For Mums: Self-Care

Now before you get overwhelmed thinking, ‘self care is just one more thing I have to add to my to-do list. I don’t have time for that!” take a minute and just think of all the time a minimalist lifestyle can free up for you.

Take some of that free time and create a self care plan for yourself. This can be minimalist too!

Think 5 minutes of meditation or 10 minutes of journalling in the morning. Maybe just spending a few extra minutes a week planning out your meals so you are giving your body the nourishment it needs.

Self care doesn’t have to be difficult, complex or time consuming. But it is important.

Prioritising self care is good role modelling for your children. It also ensures you are pouring from a full cup which we all know helps us be better mamas when we are in the thick of it.

Take care of yourself so you have more energy to take care of your family

Minimalism Benefits For Mums: Less Overwhelm

So you’ve reduced the clutter and reduced the distractions. You’ve simplified your to-do list and prioritised self-care.

Do you know what happens next?

You feel less overwhelmed!

And when you are less overwhelmed you find you are able to do all of those things you wished you could do before. All those things you felt you were missing out on because you had kids and a house to look after.

When you cut the overwhelm you cut niggling feelings of resentment.

And when you cut the overwhelm, you discover energy and creativity you thought you just weren’t lucky enough to have. What are you going to do with all this creative energy you have suddenly tapped in to?

Minimalism helps you feel less overwhelmed and more energetic and creative

Minimalism Benefits For Mums: Balance

Finding balance as a mama can be tough. Especially for working mums.

In this article for Working Mother, Rachel Jonat outlines how minimalism can help working mamas find that elusive balance in their lives.

But it’s not just working mamas who benefit from minimalism. All mums can  thrive when you simplify you life. Minimalism helps us find this simplicity.

Minimalism makes it easier to find balance in your life

Minimalism Benefits For Mums: Mindful Parenting

Minimalism naturally encourages you to be more mindful about other decisions you are making as well. And because we are mums, a lot of those decisions we are making centre around our parenting.

Outside of feeling calmer, happier and more organised, minimalism helps us become more mindful about all those little choices we make in a day. From what we eat, to how we spend our time, to how we treat ourselves and others.

Once you embrace a minimalist mindset you may find you are yelling less, rushing less and listening more. What a gift that is!

Minimalism helps us to be more mindful parents

Minimalism Benefits For Mums: Slow Childhood

So far all of these reasons have centred around how minimalism effects us directly as mums. But minimalism can help us become better parents in another surprising way.

A minimalist lifestyle gives our children the gift of a slow childhood in a world that is too busy.

This article posted on Maggie Dent outlines the horrible price children are paying for childhoods that are so much more rushed than the years we enjoyed as children. Already, children are becoming stressed and overwhelmed at a really young age. It is heartbreaking.

Embracing minimalism doesn’t just give us a chance to breathe. It gives our children that chance too.

They have time to play. Time to sit around and do nothing. Time to pursue their interests. Even time to get bored.And we’ve all heard the old saying about boredom being the mother of invention.

Yes, having less toys and more time can help our children become more creative!

Minimalism helps you give your children the gift of a slow childhood

Minimalism Benefits For Mums: Better Communication

Minimalism benefits for momsI’ll leave you with one last thought on how minimalism can help you become the mother you always wanted to be.

When we are less stressed, less busy and less overwhelmed, we are better able to listen and to respond in kindness. We feel less need to nag at our children to put away their toys or to hurry up to the next activity.

I don’t want to be the mum who is always nagging my kids. Minimalism is helping me leave that version of myself behind. It can work for you too!

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