Guest Post: Menstrual Cups Are the Future for Women


Periods. They’re just a fact of life for women but the way we cope with our ‘monthlies’ has changed a lot over the years. There is so much choice now with organic and reusable options coming on to the market. One of these new options is the menstrual cup.

Today I am really excited to have Laura from Tuutu Baby Box visiting my little corner of the internet to chat to you all about menstrual cups.  Laura has heaps to say on the topic and I’m pleased she is sharing it with us here.

The Future of Menstrual Care for Women: The Menstrual Cup

During my visit to Finland few years ago and meeting my girlfriends, I heard about menstrual cups for the first time.

In case this is something new to you let me explain first what it is.

A menstrual cup is a silicon cup that is inserted like a tampon inside of your vagina and collects the menstrual flow. It is a safe, reusable alternative to pads and tampons. The benefit of menstrual cup is that it doesn’t cause discomfort from dryness like tampons and the same cup can be used for years saving money and planet’s resources.

Visiting Finland this summer I happened to read an article on newspaper about Heli Kurjanen, the woman behind the successful Finnish menstrual cup brand Lunette. It was an article that very much inspired me as it told the story how this Finnish mum didn’t find a good menstrual cup she was happy with on the market and started designing her own.

One which would work better and give a practical solution for a modern women of today!

In 2015 Heli finally brought her Lunette menstrual cup to the market and since then her business has grown domestic and internationally. Today Lunette menstrual cups are sold all around the world and she and her team are busy visiting different fairs all around the world to showcase their invention.

I love the fact that this innovation was born to bring a solution to very real monthly problem millions of women face around the world!

This product really lowers the environmental footprint and makes it a beautifully sustainable product just like our Tuutu Baby Box. I guess these are all very valid reasons why this product has gotten so much success in a short time.

Inspired by the article, I marched to the pharmacy to buy myself a Lunette menstrual cup which was packed in a beautiful orange coloured bag that made me almost feel like buying a piece of jewellery instead of a help for my period care.

And yes I have been quite happy with it!

Menstrual cups can be washed and reused so you can decrease the amount of waste produced and even save some money. Mamamia estimates that a woman in Australia uses an average about $120AUD per year on pads and tampons which will incur costs during her lifetime to $4800AUD. The Lunette menstrual cup retails currently in Australia for $59.95AUD.

Is it worth it?

Think about never needing to worry if you have enough tampons or menstrual pads in your drawers. Sounds great, don’t you think?

By using a menstrual cup you can avoid any toxins, bleaches or other chemicals still often common in tampons and pads.

Another benefit of a menstrual cup compared to tampons is also that you can insert the menstrual cup in anticipation for your period to start.

The technique of placing the menstrual cup on and off is definitely something that you need to get used to and will require some practicing. However, I am sure if you give it a little bit effort, you will be just fine.

I definitely recommend trying a menstrual cup for any woman who is interested in environmentally friendly alternatives for functional products or simply being an adventurous person. Myself, I am only in the beginning of the journey with my new friend, but it will be a great one, I am sure!

Lunette menstrual cup is approved by the TGA, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, an Australian regulatory agency for medical drugs and devices.

In case you have recently had your baby or will be having one soon, please note that Lunette doesn’t support using menstrual cup during post-natal bleeding due to the risk of inflammation. If you have any other question about Lunette Menstrual cup or interested in reading more, please visit their website for more information.

This article is based on my personal experience and not sponsored by Lunette.

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Laura is a Finnish/Australian mamma of two and passionate about the best
innovations and ideas from Finland.
She is the proud Co-Founder of Tuutu that brings the Finnish Baby Box concept to

For more information on the Tuutu Baby Box, you can also check out the review here on BAHM.



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