Inspiring Suburban Homestead Blogs You Need To Follow

Suburban Homesteading Blog RoundupThere are quite a few homesteading blogs out there nowadays. Big and small, professional and hobby. But there are not so many that focus on homesteading in the suburbs. Out here in the ‘burbs we have an entirely different set of challenges and limitations to contend with. Don’t let this put you off. I’ve found you 5 inspiring homesteader blogs to follow. ALL fromΒ  the suburbs!





Suburban Homestead roundupI originally stumbled upon these guys on Instagram a few years ago through a mutual friend. And I’m so glad I did! Lauren and Oberon run my favourite online store for eco-friendly homewares and children’s toys, as well as hosting online permaculture courses. They live on a regular suburban block in Tasmania where they unschool their 3 children. I think you can see why the have made my personal list πŸ˜‰ The blog is a treasure mine for info on zero waste, raising eco-conscious children and backyard scale permaculture.



Tenth Acre Farm

Suburban Homestead Roundup

Amy left a career as a teacher to “play in the dirt” and hasn’t looked back. Her blog focuses on the gardening side of homesteading. It’s the place to go to learn about applying permaculture principles on a backyard scale. She also has lots of handy info on growing and using herbs. While she isn’t on a tenth acre sized block anymore, she is still in the suburbs and has A LOT of wisdom to share.




Counting My Chickens

Suburban Homestead Roundup

” is for people who care about food and where it comes from.” Deb shares her love affair with chickens as well as loads of articles on growing and preparing food. You MUST head over there and check out her chicken cam now! She won my heart with her post on repurposing trash for the garden. I love a good upcycle πŸ™‚




House of Humble

House of Humble began as a blog about simple living andΒ  urban homesteading. This one won awards! After the birth of their son a couple of years ago, Katie decided to leave traditional blogging and move to Instagram where she now tells their life in pictures. This visual blog from Bendigo is inspiring and heartwarming. Jump on Insta and check it out now.

P.S. Katie also curates the Wattle Seed Collective on Instagram which gives all of us at home a chance to become a part of a growing community striving towards a more simple and intentional way of living. Get involved πŸ™‚



Vikki doesn’t just share her adventures on a suburban homestead, she aims to teach everyone on a regular block how to take control of their own food security. There is no sugar coating it here. While Havensteader is all about aiming for the good life, there is no hiding that homesteading is hard work and this life doesn’t always run smoothly. This one stands out because Vikki is a certified permaculture practitioner who is available for consultations if you need a little help along the way.


The Cape Coop

This blog is a relatively new one for me but I’m already hooked! The Cape Coop focuses on raising small animals in suburban backyards. They go beyond the ubiquitous backyard chook and look at the ins and outs of keeping rabbits and ducks as well. But it’s not all animals. There is lots of gardening advice and upcycling projects her too.


Little Blog On The Homestead

Nicole writes a charming blog where she shares her feelings of feeling like a homesteading fraud living in the suburbs, but getting in there and doing it anyway. Hello kindred spirit. Her blog is full of yummy recipes, frugal living tips, emergency preparedness advice and suburban homesteading ideas. She is honest and helpful which is why she makes this list.


And then there’s little ol’ me…

Suburban Homestead Roundup

This Whole Home is all about intentional homemaking, growing, cooking and preserving your own food, taking ownership of your children’s education with homeschooling and finding joy in all of it. I know that this isn’t always the easiest road to take. But I do know it’s worth it. And I really hope that I can inspire you to try your hand at suburban homesteading!



That’s my top 7 Inspiring Suburban Homestead Blogs (and me for a bonus :p)

Why not share the love and add your favourites in the comments below.









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