How to save $1000 a year!

I had a peek into your bin. I see you have some spare cash? You must or you wouldn’t be throwing out that much food. I’ll take that $1000 a year please.

Oh yes. You did read that right. $1000. One THOUSAND dollars. That is how much food is thrown away by the average Australian household each year. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! I have to keep yelling it because it is so damn shocking.

I don’t know know about you, but I don’t have that kind of money to throw away. Never mind the environmental impact all that waste is causing. Even if you don’t have one green bone in your body, surely you want to save yourself a grand?!

So what are we going to do about it?


Reducing food waste

*Meal plan.
If you know what you are going to eat, you know what you need to buy. No more buying something you might want to use and then throwing it away when you inevitably don’t use it.

*Grow your own.
A lot of food waste is fruit n veg that has gone rotten. Let’s face it, if you buy a week’s worth of lettuce on Monday, it’s not going to be fit to eat by the weekend. Into the bin it goes. If you grow lettuce, you can just pick off the leaves you need each day. Grow your everyday veg and pick what you need, when you need.

*Preserve food.
As soon as you get home from shopping, divide up the meat into meal sized portions and freeze it. AS SOON as you get home. A lot of meat is chucked because it has gone off sitting in the bottom of the fridge. Same deal with produce. If you score a brilliant deal on beans, freeze them! Or pickle those cucumbers you found on sale at the farmer’s market.

*Store your food properly.
Know what goes in the fridge and what goes in the pantry. Keep your fridge at the correct temperature to prevent food spoilage. Invest in a bread box. Onions and potatoes both like to be stored in a cool, dark place but they don’t like being stored together. Can you think of any more storage tips?

*Keep fruit in a fruit bowl.
You know, where you will see it and therefore actually eat it :-p

*Eat your leftovers.
It is crazy how many people DON’T do this!
Roast lamb -> shepherd’s pie.
Steamed rice -> fried rice.
Get creative and see what you can whip up. And remember, leftovers make fabulous lunches all on their own.

*Feed your friends.
Too many eggs? Gift some to your neighbour. Had a party and there is food left over? Send everyone home with a tasting plate. Just add a bit of everything.  They’ll enjoy not having to cook when the go home tired but happy.

*Use it up.
Stale bread? What about croutons, bread crumbs, tartlet casings or even bread and butter pudding. Mmmm pudding. Broken biscuits make great bases for cheesecakes and slices.

*Cook it before you need to throw it!Soft fruit is great for jams and stewed fruit dishes. Try this recipe for Stewed Rhubarb. It’s the same basic procedure for stewing other fruit too, so why not try apples for another classic?
Or try turning soft bananas into soft serve icecream! Just blend and freeze.


So what about when you do have food waste? What then…

*Compost. Pretty much everything except meat can go in here (meat attracts vermin). Keep an airtight container on your kitchen bench for collecting scraps.

*Worm farm or towers.  Just mind you don’t over feed them.

*Feed to chickens. Don’t feed them mouldy food and don’t feed them chicken. Canabilism isn’t good for chickens. They can eat eggs though!  Remember, chickens are the ultimate recyclers 😉

So now you’ve reduced your food packaging waste and your food waste. What else is lurking in your wheelie bin?

One THOUSAND dollars are year is not a made up figure. Have a look here for details.

4 thoughts on “How to save $1000 a year!

  1. Don’t buy something on offer just because its on offer. Stop and think if you will actually use it before use by date or if you can freeze it etc. Check use by date of fresh produce you are buying in the shops. I always take produce from the back of the shelf as shops have a stock rotation procedure,oldest produce or with a use by date running out soon at front. Double check the date to make sure too.

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