How to Fight The Overwhelm With a Simple Morning Routine

Create a Simple Morning Home Reset RoutineHands up if running your home makes you feel overwhelmed!

You aren’t the only one. As mamas we often feel like we are drowning under the hundred and one things we need to get done in a day. I know. I’ve been there too often. But I can say with 100% honesty that it doesn’t have to feel like that. The secret? A good morning routine.

Yeah, yeah. I know you are probably getting sick of me talking about rhythm in the home but it honestly works. So when I realised my anxiety levels were peaking, and it all came back to the appalling state of my kitchen, I knew it was time to create a routine to tackle the problem head on, and build this new routine into my daily rhythm. And so the morning routine was born.

My Morning Routine

I guess you’re wondering what my morning routine looks like? Basically, I am just resetting the house and concentrating on those small, everyday tasks that need to get done to keep the home running. For me that looks like this:


-wash dishes

-put away dishes

-get out any frozen food needed for dinner (see meal plan)

-wipe down benchtops

-wipe down table

-bake today’s bread

-sweep floor


-pick up anything on floor

-clean benchtop

-wipe down sink

-straighten towels



-put on one load


-air beds while doing other chores

-open curtains and windows

-make beds

-remind kids to pick up anything on floor

Living Room

-open curtains and windows

-plump cushions on couch

-have kids pick up anything on floor

-quick sweep

All up this takes me about half an hour each morning, which is not a lot of time. I delegate as much to the kids as I can, and this will increase as they get older and more capable. You can watch the kitchen portion of my morning routine to see how it plays out in real life.

Why Bother With a Morning Routine?

You’re probably thinking you do all that anyway. Or at least, you plan to.

But that’s the thing. We think how straightforward it is to do these things, yet somehow, unless we prioritise  these tasks, they wind up undone. And the house quickly devolves into chaos. And we become so overwhelmed we are no longer sure where to start in getting it back on track. Which of course means many tasks remain undone, our stress levels rise, and that makes it even harder to begin. Or is that just me?

I need a list or I lose sight of what needs to be done. And I’m guessing if you are reading this that the same is probably true for you. So write a list and make the tasks on your list a part of your everyday morning routine. For me, this happens after breakfast but before I get ready to go out, or go downstairs to the schoolroom, depending on the day.

How To Create A Morning Routine

Now that you are ready to start your own routine, take 5 minutes to sit down with a pen and paper. There is just something about writing things down that helps get them done. Write down the tasks in your home that overwhelm you, and the tasks you know need to be done daily to keep things ticking over. For me this is baking bread (because we like to eat lunch) and keeping on top of the laundry.

Keep this list simple. It isn’t a full on cleaning routine, it’s just a home reset. Keep it to just the chores which will help your home to feel like a calm space, and give you the freedom to use your home without feeling hemmed in by clutter. You can use my list if you like, or change it up to suit your own unique home.

Once you’ve made your list, and simplified it to those must-do jobs, divide the list up into rooms or areas, so you can work in one place at a time. I find this helps things flow. One exception is that I open curtains and windows in all rooms and pull back bedding to air before I sit down to breakfast. The rest of my list is done room by room after I’ve had my morning caffeine injection 😉

There have been times in my life as a mama when I cruised along without lists and routines. They were the times you came to visit and found 3 days worth of dishes piled up and me, hidden under a mountain of washing that I was madly trying to fold before you arrived. Yep, I need my routines.

What tasks are you going to include in your new morning routine?







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2 thoughts on “How to Fight The Overwhelm With a Simple Morning Routine

  1. You are so fantastic. Seriously. I am in awe of how simple this is! I am wary of trying to implement any sort of morning routine, primarily because I live with depression and there are three children with ADHD and two of them are also ASD – which means that mornings are not a fun time. BUT, this is amazing. It is so helpful!

    1. I’m so pleased you found this helpful 🙂 We have our own collection of diagnoses in this house too so simple is definitely better.
      Keep things simple, flexible and give yourself some grace when things don’t go according to plan x

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