Halloween Aussie-style

Normally this time of year I’d go on my regular rant about Americanisation (it’s a word) and consumerism. You know, because Halloween is slowly becoming a thing in Australia. And it’s not even Autumn here! But this year The Mister convinced me to put all that aside and participate in a few Halloween-themed activities under the pretext of Cultural Studies. Ok ok. I promised to stop being cynical…just this year. The kids approved 😉


My Little Mathematician and I started off chatting about what he thought Halloween was, and I chimed in with a bit of history about it. I came prepared thanks to this quick Halloween history read. He asked plenty of questions and we took a little detour to discuss the difference in seasons between here and the Northern Hemisphere. We’re pretty relaxed learners around here, so this all happened around the kitchen table one afternoon. Nothing resembling school happening here :-p

The next day everyone was still keen to continue the theme so we googled some spooky poetry to read aloud together. This inspired us to have a go at our own acrostic poems. We even wrote a couple of recipes for Witches’ Brew.

When The Mister got home the real fun began. It’s not Autumn here, and while pumpkins are available we thought something seasonal would be more appropriate. So here’s our Watermelon Jack-O-Lantern!


The boys cut the top off a large, whole watermelon then googled pumpkin jack-o-lanterns for some spooky face inspiration. Next came the messy part…scooping out the inside.


Oh my! There is sooooo much watermelon in a watermelon!! The chickens had a nice treat, the kids ate quite a bit while working, and some went into a juice for us. I think I’ll make a granita or some sorbet with the remainder. Feel free to share your fav recipes in the comments.


Once the face was cut out we realised we had no candles hahaha. Never fear. An LED off The Mister’s work helmet worked a treat, and is much safer with Little Beatie getting about.


We now had the perfect excuse to watch a fantasy movie together for Friday movie night. Any excuse to indulge in our favourite genre really 😉

Are you celebrating Halloween this year? If you are, hop on over to Expedition Homeschool and join in Kelly’s blog hop. There are loads of fabulous ideas for celebrating Halloween and bringing it into your home learning.

Take note of the bolts. It's Frankenstein's Monster

Happy Halloween from this cycnical homeschool mama Down Under 😉

6 thoughts on “Halloween Aussie-style

  1. hahaha I love it and I am in your camp on the Halloween boo booing 😉 This is the first year we’ve done anything to do with it and it was all under the premise of ‘educational activities’. Poor kids didn’t get to trick or treat either….. mean mother I am! However now that it is all over I have to admit that I, along with the kids had a great deal of fun. I’m thinking next year a party at home so we can still have the fun but don’t need to do the trick or treat part. Kylie @ Our Worldwide Classroom

    1. Haha there was no trick or treating happening here either Kylie ? Instead we cooked a giant marshmallow and watched old eps of Goosebumps ?
      I’m looking forward to seeing what you get roped into next year ?

  2. Love this! The watermelon looks great and you’ve inspired me for next year ;). I’m thinking Halloween family with a pumpkin, watermelon, rockmelon and a crazy pineapple lol Thanks for the mention and for joining the blog hop 🙂

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