Discover How To Overcome Common Homeschool Challenges

Homeschooling can be a lot of fun for our kids, and a truly rewarding experience for us parents. But let’s not pretend it doesn’t come with a whole bunch of unique trials for us to face! This series will look at some common homeschool challenges and the ways we can overcome them so we and our kids can truly thrive at home.

Do you struggle with the day to day reality of homeschooling?

Maybe things have been going well for a while but now they seem to be falling apart…

Maybe it’s just you that’s falling apart?

It’s ok, mama. We’ve all been there.

Whether you are a homeschool newbie or a seasoned veteran, there are going to be times when things just aren’t running as smoothly as we would like. Trust me. This was me just last week!

But it doesn’t have to spell the end of homeschooling!

Before we even begin to tackle the actual homeschool challenges, I want you to start with reading  this post outlining three very important things all mamas need to be doing.

Read it. Believe it. Action it.

And then we will tackle the individual homeschool challenges you may be facing.

A Few Common Homeschool Challenges

Like all things in life, homeschooling has it’s ups and downs. The trick is to recognise the underlying cause for the current low and know how to act to turn things around.

Sometimes you will only need to tweak a thing or two. Sometimes it’s more of a mindset change that’s needed.

And other times you just need a good ol’ break.

But how do you know what you need?

Sometimes, all you need to get you through a slump is to be reminded of the reasons you decided to homeschool in the first place. Do you remember why you chose this path?

Ashly at The Homeschool Resource Room has been compiling a series of posts from homeschool mamas on the reasons they chose home education for their children. Reading through the series could be a good way to give yourself a bit of a boost.

(There’s a post in the series from me, too!)

But if reminding yourself of your why isn’t enough to do the trick, I’ve got you covered, mama.

The Homeschool Challenges Series

Over the next few weeks I will be looking at some common homeschool challenges in a series of posts out each Friday.

Everyone Faces Challenges

It’s really important that you know that all homeschool parents face challenges at some point. This does not mean that you aren’t a great parent or that you are failing at homeschooling.

Overcome Common Homeschool Challenge

If you get nothing else from this series, I hope that you come away with the sense of being normal for having ups and downs. I hope you find more faith in yourself.  And I hope you can discover the joy in homeschooling.

Now tell me…

What is the number one challenge you are facing in your homeschool journey?

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2 thoughts on “Discover How To Overcome Common Homeschool Challenges

  1. I think my biggest challenge, no matter what time of year, is that I’m very introverted. I love all of my kiddos (I have four, plus one on the way), and they load up on energy and love by being around others. Since we homeschool, that’s me! Lol.
    Finding ample times and space to recharge is my challenge. 🙂

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