Welcome to This Whole Home

At This Whole Home we strive to educate the whole child; head, heart and hands.

Here you will find resources and encouragement for parents who want to provide a creative and holistic education for their children.

Whether you are providing early learning opportunities at home, homeschooling, ‘afterschooling’ or worldschooling, I hope you will feel welcomed and inspired by this online space. I support choice in education and know that what works for one family won’t always work for another. But we can learn from and inspire each other, whether we have chosen homeschooling, distance education, public or private school.

The philosophy here is inspired largely by the Waldorf education movement. Many people are drawn to this rich and wondrous style of education but find it overwhelming and confusing. My aim is to help you take the key elements of Waldorf pedagogy and make them work in your home.

We also draw inspiration from the Charlotte Mason method and often combine elements of different educational methodologies to create something unique and individual for each child and their specific wants and needs.

I aim to keep things modern, minimalist and multicultural so that home learning can be accessible to all.

My approach is relaxed and non-dogmatic. I keep things simple because that’s what busy parents want and need!

I offer practical advice and support for home learning, as well as occasionally discussing some of those topics important to modern families: living on one income, finding joy as a stay at home parent, staying on top of running your home.


Where to start?

You can learn more ABOUT ME here, then why not check out some of my latest posts. You can find them below!

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